Hello my darling lady bosses! It is FRIYAY! Finally, the whole busy week is behind us. You can sit back, relax and read your favorite #brandingtipsfriday! Haha, kidding, there is one more day to go – this one!
Last Friday I wrote about mistakes that small business owners make when planning their branding. Most people don’t think that it is such a big deal and that they can do it by themselves. Why hire a professional and spend all that money? There is so many free online services for the logo creation! Well, if you want to know why – read my last blog post here.
I would like to continue the #brandingtipsfriday series. Today I will write about COLOR PALETTES. What are they, why do you need them and what to do with it once you have your own?
Color palettes are the very beginning of your branding story.
They make a perfect introduction into your what your business is about. They also show your own personality. No one will use colors they don’t like for their business. Once you set up your color palette, you’ll have a clear picture about what your branding should look like.  “What color should I use for headings, what for my links, what for my social media icons?” You won’t have to think about those again. The only thing you need to do is copy the HEX code from your color palette. Than your brand will always look consistent and professional.
I haven’t used these color palettes yet for any of my premade or custom designs. So, you are free to use them for your own branding.
If you need a custom branding design, please check my packages here.

First color palette that I would like to share with you is my personal favorite. I am very into light colors and rose gold, as you may already know. It is a light pink / gray with rose gold accents.
This color palette is great for wedding planners / wedding photographers / newborn photographers.
It is perfect for those businesses because it reflects their delicate nature.
This palette consists of stronger, bolder and “right in your face” kind of colors. Pink and navy color combo is a very classy and stylish color set.
This color palette is perfect for event planners, make-up artists, bloggers, various shop owners, marketing professionals, copyrighters. Basically for everyone who needs a bolder approach and self-confident look.
That doesn’t mean that photographers or wedding planners can’t use this palette. This is a only most common usage suggestion. You can use any of these color palettes for any kind of women entrepreneurship, by all means.


Fresh and bright, this color palette is breath-taking! Reminds me of spring, sunny days and ice-creams! What a lovely association – who wouldn’t want to have that kind of association in customer’s mind? I would buy anything from you in that mood! Haha, it’s a nice joke, but what isn’t a joke is that people’s mind actually works that way.
There is a whole section in Pshychology dealing with color impact to the human behaviour. You should keep that in mind when choosing your color palette.
For adding accents, you can use gold, or glitter gold, or even rose gold – all three fit with this color palette. For this purpose, I chose the gold glitter since it was most festive of these three.
This color palette is perfect for almost everyone! Bloggers, events planners, wedding planners, photographers, make-up artists.
This is due to its neutral nature – it is not too girly, not too bold, not too soft – only the right amount of all of them.
If you find any of these three beauties suitable for your business, you are free to use them.
To make it even easier for you I provided HEX codes for each of these colors. You can jot them down, and send them to your web designer to use them on your website.
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