So far we talked about branding mistakes and how to choose color palettes for your branding. What we didn’t cover yet is something you should do before actually hiring a designer to do your branding.


1. WHAT IS THE MAIN PURPOSE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Is it to sell a product or service? Are you a blogger wanting to take it to the next level and actually get payed for your work? Do you want to get noticed by companies and get hired for a job?
Whatever your branding purpose is, you need to visualize it before hiring a designer.
Why? Well, if you don’t, how will you choose your color palette, fonts, graphics, visual identity? You will choose it considering your own likings and style. But, you shouldn’t. Want to know why?
Because you may not be the ideal client for your own services.
And there we come to the main point.
Before starting a branding, you should first visualize your perfect client.
Who is she / he? How old is she / he? What is her / his education level? Where do they live? What is their income, desires, vacation plans, etc? Yes, all that is important. Lemme give you an example.
Let’s say you sell handmade jewelry. They are cute and good quality, a bit vintage, but yet very affordable.


You will loose potential customers because they formed an opinion based on your branding.
There are off course examples in opposite way, too. Having the brand look too approachable, industrial or grunge, while products are unique bow ties costing $200 each.
You get the point, right. Set your goals, visualize your ideal client, and then go for a branding.

2. SET UP YOUR BUDGET. Seriously, this is an important part of it, that many people forget to include. If you are looking for a premade branding kit, that’s fine, you will likely have the budget without saving for it for months.
But, if you are into custom design (which is alyways a best solution since the branding will be tailored by your business and no one will have the same nor similar design), than you may need to plan it ahead, maybe months before.
Think thoroughly about what kind of branding you want. If your products are on the expensive side, unique or handmade, you should consider having a custom design. It will pay off with a couple of products sold, and you will have a serious, unique and memorable branding that corresponds with your business. And that brings us to the point No.3

3. TAKE WHAT YOU NEED NOT WHAT YOU’RE BEING OFFERED. Designers, including myself, often make packages for their potential clients. These packages are based on general needs or designer’s  work experience. That is fine, off course, many people don’t have the time or don’t know what they actually need. With premade branding kits, that is usually very affordable. It is not a big mistake if you buy the package where you won’t be using some of the items afterwards.
But, when it comes to custom designs – where prices go from $200-$300 above – it is different. Why would you buy a letterhead for example if you never send any letters or invoices? Or not get a thank you card designed if you could send it to each customer? That is where we go back to the No1 point.
Think about your business. Think about your customers. What do they expect from you when buying your products or services?

That is what I ask my customers before we start working on their branding. I also have these general packages, as well – you can check all about them here. But as I said, I prefer to give my clients a tailored work. Maybe they will save some money that way, maybe they will pay more but get exactly what they need. But in any case, they will be satisfied. And they can always come back for more items if they need some in future.
I hope I made it clearer for those of you who are looking to get a branding. And, if you are first time on my blog, after this text, you can read how to choose right colors for your brand here. After that, you can read how to avoid most usual mistakes while branding here.
Until next time,
Ana Marija


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