I always recommend contacting me first so we can agree on booking dates and overall project outline. I keep up to 5 spots a month for custom branding services, unless marked otherwise. When we agree on the booking dates, we can go into the project basics.

In this phase we discuss your business needs and I create the offer which is sent to your email address. I will need some basic information about your business style and goals. Later on, if we make an agreement, you’ll be able to fill in the questionnaire with more specific details about your business.




Once the payment has settled, your date is officially booked, and  in this phase, all you need to do is set up the Pinterest board and fill it in with as many as possible images that are the inspiration for your branding. Feel free to pin every image that inspire you somehow and associate with your brand. The next step is to fill in the questionnaire which you downloaded from your purchase and send it together with link to the Pinterest board to my email




Now you can sit back and wait for the first concept preview, which usually happens within a week after I receive questionnaire and Pinterest board link. Sometimes I finish it in 2-3 days, but sometimes it takes a little longer, that is why I don’t like giving precise deadlines – creative work is very unpredictable and I don’t like to rush unless it is needed.




After receiving a first draft from me, you’ll have to revise it and send me back all thoughts, changes or suggestions so that I can continue and refine the concept until it’s perfect and we can call it Final. I send all final concepts for an approval before preparing final files. If you purchased Basic Branding Package, this is where the project finishes. If, on the other hand, you purchased one of the other two packages, after this phase, I will continue to the stationery and only after we finalize this part, I will start preparing final files.




Congrats! When we get to this phase, you will receive all final files in a ZIP folder, organized by subfolders – there will be image files, vector files, PSD files, maybe stationery (depending on the package) and all files which are for printing will be print ready. I always ask my clients if it is OK with them to showcase their new branding in my Portfolio section (which is currently under construction and is coming soon to the website) and on social media. If we haven’t already, let’s connect – my social media handle is @inkyjar.




And hopefully, we’ll work together again. I have a lot of clients who purchased a custom or even premade branding from me and we continued our business relationship afterwards.


Now, you can see the investment part here.



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