New Font release + a week in bed


The theme of this post was definitely to showcase my new font which I released on Monday. But, somewhere along the line I changed my mind a bit. OK, I can show you a few photos of my newest edition, but you can see them all here, and even see it in action (type anything you like to test it) here.

My latest post was about creative block and overcoming it and this font is a way to do it. I released new font after 6.5 months and I used to do 2 fonts per month. What happened in between? A lot. But, most importantly, I lost my mojo, my inspiration and even though I worked on it, nothing good was coming out. Sure, I did a few drafts that are still collecting dust in my working folder, but not a single completed quality font came out.

Until now. Did I overcome my creative block? Not completely. Did I get new inspiration and magically converted all those hours in front of a computer in new products? Not really. Well, yes, but only a few. Instead, I created a new font. A complete, finished, working font. It’s not the best I did so far (although it’s the prettiest and I think I did presentation images really well 🙂 ) but who cares, I had to create something to make the ball rolling.

I spent literally two weeks, day and (big) part of the night working on this font. From first drafts, cleaning them in Illustrator, programing kerning and everything and then, when you think it’s finally done – the presentation images. That’s where I made this big mistake. The one that’s making me write from bed right now.

The font was all I was working on! I didn’t sleep much, I ate rarely (I do have that habit – forgetting to eat when I’m working), didn’t go out that much, no exercise at all (if you exclude hand muscles holding a mouse 24/7)…


What’s the epilogue of this story? The very day I published my font, which was Monday – I caught a bad cold and a sore throat. Then comes the fever, then I fell in bed and I am still there, writing this post, instead of working on a new font, or – oh, it’s Friday evening?! Already? Well, it’s the same for me now.

The moral of the story is that when you want something badly, don’t go chase that like a madman. Go slowly. Gently. It’ll taste better when you get it, the satisfaction will last longer. I always wanted it now and I wanted it all. But, that’s not how it works.

These are the steps I’m going to take for my next project, and that will be as soon as I get out of this bed:

  1. Make a project plan.  What kind of product will it be? What style will it show? What is it made for?
  2. Make a living plan. That means, meals plan, taking enough water, eating good food – I’m still working on this, I’ll share how it looks when it’s done.
  3. Make a daily log – in my planner. Plans are useless if you’re not following them, and the best way to be sure you did everything from the list is to check it on a real paper.
  4.  Exercise between working hours. That sounds so basic, I know, but for me, this is the biggest thing on the list. I used to do yoga regularly but for a long time I’m not working out that I have a real problem to start.
  5. Set a deadline. Ever since I’ve been working for myself, I stopped giving myself deadlines for this kind of projects (not client work, but my own, personal projects). That way I felt like I wasn’t doing an actual job, more like playing. It’s nice if you have everything under control, but when things are not working as they should, the chaos overwhelms you.
  6. Give myself a day off afterwards. I never do this. When I finish a project, I just go to another one, still feeling under gas from the previous. Wrong! There should be a day at least, maybe even a week off. Batteries needs to be recharged again, or everything will just fall apart. Just like it did right now, for me. 🙂

There you go. I’ll try this and we’ll see how it goes. Did you have similar experience? Would love to hear how you handled it!

I would like to share a little freebie with you – 3 free mobile wallpapers I did with Palm Beach font.



P.S. Slowly. My new favorite word. 🙂



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