Take care of yourself – free meal planner templates

  Hello August, my favorite month in the whole year! Because of that, I prepared a little freebie for you! Scroll down for a download link. Recently, I had some health problems and I’m struggling with health since pretty much forever, so I decided it’s time to take care of myself more. By that, I mean eating more and better…

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New Font release + a week in bed

  The theme of this post was definitely to showcase my new font which I released on Monday. But, somewhere along the line I changed my mind a bit. OK, I can show you a few photos of my newest edition, but you can see them all here, and even see it in action (type anything you like to test…

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Creative block and how to overcome it

  Occasionally, creative people (of all kinds) have to deal with a lack of inspiration / motivation / creative block, call it whatever you want. No exception here 🙂 During the years, I had creative block several times and it usually lasts up to one month and as it comes, unexpectedly it goes away the same way. How it begins…Well,…

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